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Poland is a niche on our earth rich geologically in its stones and minerals. The region that most represents this is Przedgorze Sudeckie, a land of rolling mountain ranges and with volcanic rock, that has attracted stone searchers and collectors from a long time back in search for precious stones. At Kamena, we make use of these commodities from our land and aim to share them with the rest of the world in the form of our jewellery.

We would eagerly like to encourage you to take a glance at our stones and elements that we use for our collections, and we start our series here on Polish stones with some words about Chrysoprase..

Chrysoprase, with its roots in greek for 'green gold', appears in nature rarely, hardly at all. A little known though relevant fact is that until the middle of the 19th century a huge source of this mineral was in Szklary in Southern Silesia, and it was no less than the largest in the world. Beautiful samples of this stone would make their way outside of Poland into the international world of jewellery. Though sad it is to say now, our local resources are all but used up and almost extinct, and what is left on the market is only that which stone collectors and aficionados manage to locate.

Polish Chrysoprase, down to its wholly original intensive hue, was equally sought after as a rarity and desired by stone collectors and jewelers alike. Worth remembering, that the grandmaster of jewelerry Fabergé used this stone in adorning his masterpieces, and equally brooches from Chrysoprase were cherished by Queen Victoria of England during the age of the british empire.

Please take a look at our collection making use of this unique Polish hue of 'green gold' that we have prepared at Kamena:

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