How Jewellery at Kamena comes into being..

Have you ever taken a moment to consider where your jewellery has its origins, the way and process of its making and the place from where it comes, not to mention the effort needed to bring it into being. The answer to this can be a far cry to what you had in mind, even quite awesome.

We want to share with you a motley collection of our realities and facts which reveal the process in coming to realise our collections at Kamena, as our world of making jewellery turns out to be quite fascinating together with our liaising and co-working with a super bunch of craftsmen who show dedication and passion to their work. We ought to point out here, that our jewellery at Kamena is entirely handcrafted by craftspeople of which our team involves a foundry, lapidarists as well as our jewellers that are all found here in Poland. It is worth noting how seldom it is to come across a process like ours in current markets and times, where the larger share of jewellery tends to be mass ordered and produced in factories, largely in Asia and likewise hoarded over from there in bulk.

So the process at Kamena starts from our conceptions and inspirations where we seek to bring originality to our jewellery. Our concepts develop over weeks sometimes, though usually months, where innovation together with the originality we seek are cornerstones getting us to our ends, all the while overarching the whole process with simplicity of our style.

Next, we search for, in some cases, very rare stones and materials to be found in our Polish terrain. A tough one this phase is, where the proof is in the pudding. Since there is no mass market for minerals and commodities of this kind in Poland at all, this stage is the puzzle that's most challenging of all of them, and indeed a time buster. However once these minerals are gained, they speedily get their way to our contracted craftsmen that we went lengths to find and select for Kamena, and their role is seeing our concepts make it into concrete realisations for us.

The stone cutters at the lapidary cut us our chippings and shapes out of our very robust stones, and give them their first layer of shiny polish. This is the first of several measures which we take to create our sought after seamless link between stone and metal, which we have truly worked ever so hard to attain. This skill and art of cutting shapely and symmetrical rocks from such robust stones and rocks is an education that is hard to come by, and shouldn't ever go underestimated along with the machinery necessary and tools that are needed for it. Our conceptions and realisations strive to gain the purest and most streamlined connecting of these sizeable chippings and cuts of rock to precious metals including silver and brass, this is a task indeed.

And here finishing at the lapidary we have our pieces, elements, and our metals now ready and prepared for the last stage which awaits our jewellers to piece things together. And in this last stage all the prepared elements are consequently crafted using all the secrets of the trade it takes in getting all to harmonise together.

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