• silver 925
  • 28 cm
  • 32 cm

Bracelet from Chippings Collection made from silver 925 chain. Bracelet which double wraps around the wrist. Size of pendant with stone: 13 mm width, 16 mm length, 3 mm thickness. Size of openwork silver pendant: max 8 mm width, 13 mm length, 1 mm thickness.

The stones used in each piece of jewellery are unique, which means that they may slightly vary in shade and colouring, inclusions in the stone and its structure.

We aim for our jewellery to be sent out as quickly possible. However since the jewellery is handmade the time in realising this process can take up to 10 working days.

Our "Chippings" collection is a modern form though not met in Polish jewellery where our handcraftsmen create frames for our rocks. The natual rocks are cut by our craftsmen using only traditional methods to gain our asymmetrical double sided frame. This collection is the result of original and hard work, combining both a jeweller and a lapidarist in its making.

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