Chains are undoubtedly the most classic element of jewelry. They were worn already in ancient times and were appearing in later centuries in the style reflecting the spirit of the epoque. The oldest examples of chains are from 2500 B.C. from Mesopotamia, the world's civilisation centre, where the need to express yourself and one’s identity started a vast tradition of jewelry making. Necklaces with precious stones and heavy gold chains became very fashionable during the Renaissance, that is why they often appear in the paintings of the most famous artists of that time. In later centuries, chains were an inseparable element of outfit of well-dressed women but the true comeback they made just in the 20th century.Our collection is elaboration of this jewelry element. Focus is on elegance but this time expressivness is the key. The chains which we use are created from beautiful characteristic links. Stones are nephrite and dolomite Picasso with natural inclusions creating unique drawings, as always locally sourced.

Chain links collection

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