Baltic Amber jewellery
Baltic Amber jewellery


Baltic amber is a unique gemstone with remarkable properties. It is fossilized tree resin that has been aged for millions of years. Amber has been cherished for its beautiful warm colors and healing properties for centuries. Amber contains succinic acid, which is believed to have anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects when worn close to the skin. Amber is also believed to promote positive energy and balance.

The use of amber in jewelry craft started in prehistoric times. Ancient civilizations believed that amber had mystical powers and used it for protection and healing. The Greeks and Romans used amber for decorative purposes, and it was also worn as a symbol of social status.

The first known amber jewelry discovered in the Baltic region dates back to around 4000 BC. Amber was used to create beads, pendants, and other ornaments and was traded throughout the region as a precious commodity.

In Poland, amber became particularly valued during the Middle Ages when it was used to create intricate and detailed pieces of jewelry for the nobility and wealthy merchants. It was also used as a form of currency, with the most valuable pieces being traded for goods and services.

During the Renaissance, amber reached new heights of popularity in Poland, with artisans creating elaborate works of art in amber, including sculptures and even entire rooms decorated in amber. The most famous example of this is the Amber Room, which was created in the 18th century and is considered one of the greatest works of art in amber in the world.


Baltic amber jewelry


Today, Baltic amber jewelry remains a popular choice for those seeking unique and stylish pieces. Check out our range of jewelry with amber, consisting of necklaces and rings that showcase the beauty of this natural material. Each piece is carefully crafted to highlight the warm tones of the amber.Invest in a piece of Baltic Treasures jewelry today, and experience the beauty and healing properties of Baltic amber for yourself.

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