Necklace with round meteorite


  • Necklace from our Meteorite Collection. Meteorite with a diameter of 8mm. All elements are made from 925 silver.
  • Meteorites used in each piece of jewellery are unique, which means that they may slightly vary in shade and colouring.
  • The iron meteorite is a unique stone that evolves together with the person who wears it. Over time its color may change which would make it more special.
  • Each necklace comes with a certificate of authenticity of the meteorite, issued by a gemmologist.
  • We aim for our jewellery to be sent out as quickly as possible. However, since the jewellery is made to order the time in realizing the process is set individually and can take up to 4 weeks and they are non-returnable. Please read the information on how to look after your jewellery and about renovation options.
  • A meteorite is a remnant of a celestial body that has collided with a much larger object and survives its passage through the atmosphere to reach the surface of our planet. From the perspective of us the inhabitants of the Earth it is a piece of the mysterious realm of the cosmos. Our meteorites were found in Morasko near Poznań where five thousand years ago one of the largest rains of iron meteorites in Central Europe took place.


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