How to look after your jewellery

  • Precious metals and natural stones are delicate materials which is why we recommend you to look after your jewellery properly. Thanks to that your pieces will maintain a pristine condition for a long time.
  • Try not to wear jewellery when carrying out physical tasks such as exercise, work around the house, and also while sleeping to avoid the risk of mechanical damage.
  • Keep your jewellery away in a safe place, in airtight packaging where possible, in order for the jewellery to keep on to its sheen. We recommend small transparent foil bags with an airtight seal.
  • Regularly wipe your jewellery from dust with a soft cloth. In the case of serious dirtying, cleaning should be carried out by a jeweler.
  • Avoid contact of your jewellery with water, perfumes, cosmetics, and other chemical substances especially hand sanitizers, since they may cause tinting.
  • Please contact us if you would like to deep clean, gold-plate or renovate your jewellery.


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