Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

  1. The seller processes and deal with the data of the customer in accordance with the law and in confidentiality.
  2. The seller does not give or pass on, sell or provide to third parties the personal information collected from customers.
  3. The customer shall at all times have the ability to access, modify, update, or delete his/hers personal data.
  4. The customer in placing an order specifies that he/she allows the use of its personal information by the seller and agrees to it being processed by the seller in order to carry out the order.
  5. The customer may opt in to receive information by emails related to offers by the Seller and other related commercial and creative activities.


  1. The shop does not automatically collect any data, apart from the information included in cookie files.
  2. Cookie files are information data, namely text files, which are stored in the terminal unit of the Shop User and are intended for the efficacy of use of the shop's website. Usually, cookies contain a name of a website they come from, the time of being stored in the terminal unit and a unique number that corresponds.
  3. The shape is responsible as the entity for placing cookies in the terminal unit of the Shop User, and in gaining access to them.
  4. Cookie files are used for: a) adjusting the Shop websites contents to the preferences of the User and optimization of using the website; these files in particular allow to identify the device of the Shop User and display the website correctly, adjusting it to the individual needs b) generating statistics, which helps to understand how the Shop Users use our websites, which allows us to improve the structure and contents;
  5. Within the framework of the Shop, there are two basic kinds of cookie files used: Session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary files, which are stored in the final unit of the User to the moment they leave the website or close the software (browser). Persistent cookies are stored in the final unit of the User for a definite time as a cookie files up until the User removes them.
  6. Within the framework of the Shop, there following types of cookie files are used: a) Strictly necessary cookies, allowing for the use of services available within the framework of the Shop, e.g. authentication cookies, used for services that require authentication within the framework of the Shop b) Secure cookies, e.g. Which are used for detecting abuses within the scope of authentication within the framework of the Shop c) “efficiency” cookies, allowing to collect information about the way of using the Shop websites; d) “functional” cookies, allowing to “remember” User’s settings and personalization of User’s interface, e.g. within the scope of selected language or region the User come from, font size, look of the website, etc.; e) “advertising” cookies, allowing to provide the User with advertising contents that are better fitted to his interests.
  7. In many cases, the software used for website searching (browser) allows to store cookie files in the final unit of the User by default. The Shop Users can change the cookie files settings at any time. The settings can be changed in order to block automatic service of cookie files in browser settings, or to inform about each of their being placed in a device of the Shop User. Detailed information about possibility and ways of cookie files service is available in the software settings (browser).
  8. The Shop Operator informs that limiting the use of cookie files may affect some functionalities available on the Shop websites.
  9. Cookie files placed in the final unit of the Shop User may also be used by advertisers or partners cooperating with the Shop Operator.
  10. More information about cookie files is available at or in the section “Help” of the browser.

(All rights to this policy are reserved by IAB Polska)

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